Portraits and Headshots

You can’t beat taking portraits and headshots of people who are comfortable in front of a camera, if not loving it! Being relaxed, looking straight through the camera, or even not giving it too much attention at all, can go a long way in creating impressive portraits and headshots for any occasion.

Mother and Baby. Portraits and Headshots

Camera curiosity


I think some of the key elements to photographing people include knowing what they like and how they want to be seen but also how to to help them feel comfortable. Taking the time to talk about likes and dislikes, expectations (what do you want do with your portraits and headshots?) and being in familiar surroundings can go a long way in helping people to relax and make it a positive experience all round.

Family portrait. Portraits and Headshots

No camera worries here


Different backgrounds can help set the mood too. These can be plain so as not to distract from the subject, or can they can act as props to help reflect something about the person.

At this time of year outdoor photos are a particular joy with all the developing colour and warmth of the seasons providing a lovely backdrop for any portraits and headshots. I’ve included a few samples of my photos here (different backgrounds) and you can see some more in my “People” gallery. I’m now taking bookings for spring and summer portraits and headshots, with an emphasis on outdoor settings. For pricing on the different packages you can click on the “Contact” tab at the top of this page and send me your details.


Young Girl by a Lake. Portraits and Heashots

Standing by the lake

Portrait of Young Girl. Portraits and Headshots

Look into my eyes

Speaking as a person who loves to take photographs I have to admit to being just a bit camera-shy when it comes to standing in front of the camera myself. Somehow, I just don’t seem to have the same degree of comfort as I do when I’m creating images and there’s often an element of self-consciousness that’s hard to get past. That’s probably an unfortunate admission to make as it could make it harder to coax an unenthusiastic model to give it a go if they know I think like that. However, it’s not all a desperate loss as I find even I can overcome my fears and it really is a matter of practice or a case of mind over matter. What’s the worst that could happen?


Self-portrait. Portraits and Headshots

Self-portrait of the camera-shy

To see examples of some of the different types of portrait photography you can click here.

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