Welcome to Elizabeth Stanton Photography. Based in Toronto, I’m originally from Liverpool in the UK.

A while after leaving school many years ago, I’d saved enough money to buy my first camera, a Nikon FM. That gave me the drive to explore my surroundings even more than I had by then, and with a more deliberate eye. This was at the very early stages of Liverpool’s long journey of regeneration from a city in decline. I took pictures of the Albert Dock in 1981 which still showed the ravages of World War 2 bombing campaigns, as it was finally set for the redevelopment that’s turned it into the tourist hub it is today. This was my world.

There’s a lot to be seen in the world around us, both in the detail and the bigger picture, whether it’s right here now, or far away. There’s always a story to be told, whether you’re looking at flourishing green fields or old abandoned buildings. These are thoughts that influence my approach to how I make images.

I specialize in creative photography, with an emphasis on landscapes. These can be urban, rural, familiar and not so familiar, and anything in between.

My business services are available in three streams:

  • Print sales. Framed prints of many of my images are available and can be ordered via my sales gallery.  In future you will also see occasional promotions at this web site, including limited editions. If you see something in the galleries or blogs that you like that isn’t in the sales gallery, you can contact me via email.
  • Commissions. I believe in working closely with clients to understand your individual needs and to produce the images that you want. This can mean anything from developing artwork for your home, workplace, website or other outlet.
  • Community development projects that include Introduction to Photography workshops as a social tool and environmental history projects.

For enquiries about any of the above, and pricing, please click on the Contact tab and fill out the appropriate sections or you can email me directly at liz@stanton.photography

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