Evergreen Brick Works

Toronto’s Evergreen Brick Works is a rare place that has something to appeal to most people, and it’s definitely a place I love to visit.

Evergreen Brickworks
Looking through a tunnel at Evergreen Brickworks

Previously know as Don Valley Brick Works, even the old brick-making kilns that have survived from as far back as 1893 are an intriguing sight to behold. If you’re in any way interested in the remnants of the industrial era these kilns and mini rail tunnels give you a good sense of the dark closeness and grime of their working days even though they’ve been cleaned up and out of use for many years. The graffiti that decorates the building is a reminder of the later years of abandonment when they provided a creative playground for adventurous youth.

Evergreen Brickworks
Contrast of old and new. You can look down the tunnel to see what currently stands there.

There’s also much more to Evergreen Brick Works than just this. The focus since the early 1990’s has been on renovation, regeneration, recycling and reuse. Added into the mix is conservation and a focus on local produce through the farmers market and the cafe. Set in the beautiful Don Valley in the heart of Toronto, you can wander along walking paths in a conservation area in full view of the brickworks with the last remaining chimney looming overhead. The additional modern angular office space is a nice contrast with this and the old brick buildings. My favourite though, apart from the kilns, are the metal sculptures perched on the side of the old brick buildings, especially the giant coneflower, or echinacea flower to be more specific. There’s also and the metal (copper?) waterfall, with the both of which I find mesmerizing and love to photograph over and over again. They fill em with some kind of gripping sense of curiosity and joy every time I see them.

Evergreen Brickworks
Coneflower sitting on the side of a building

There’s also the farmers market, the restaurant, small businesses, child care and gardens added into the mix. If you haven’t been to Evergreen Brick Works, an even if you have, you should pay it a visit as there’s always more to see and do.