Back to Nature – A Break from Urban and Industrial Photos

I’m having a little break from urban and industrial photos as I switch gears back to nature and my more natural surroundings.

This has partly been kicked off by the arrival of autumn and the many colours and brilliant sunsets and sunrises it brings. To be honest though, any time of year and any season will do. I like the very different weather spectrums each season brings, the sweeping changes to the world around us, and the impact these changes have on our day-to-day lives.

Image of sunrise over Lake Ontario - Back to nature
Back to nature. The sun rising over Rattray Marsh on the edge of Lake Ontario on a beautiful autumn morning.

I particularly like getting up early in the morning, wandering out in the darkness and heading to an enticing natural environment to watch the sunrise. Back to nature. At this time of year it’s great to watch the rapidly changing colours and the lifting light as the sun prepares to rise above the horizon. The sounds of birds singing, animals scurrying around and the sight of the occasional human “early bird” exploring in peace.

Image of sunrise over Lake Ontario - back to nature
Back to nature. Ducks on parade as the sun rises over Lake Ontario.

It’s a great way to start the day. Out early, invigorating walk, fresh air, see the world from a different perspective, a good bit of exploration and photos. Definitely a good way to earn your breakfast.

Image of sunrise over Rainbow Lake, Ontario - back to nature
Back to nature as the sun prepares to hit the horizon near Waterford, Ontario.

Of course, the real challenge is with the ice cold temperatures of winter, when they arrive, and the very early sunrise of summer. But I don’t need to worry about either of those right now. Enjoy the moment!