Iceland Adventures

Let me tell you about my Iceland adventures. A small island in the north Atlantic, Iceland is subject to windy, cold weather and it’s probably not top of the bucket list for most people, or even on it. Really though, it’s not something to be missed.


For me the appeal of the very varied landscape is enough in itself. There’s a seemingly endless supply of glaciers, waterfalls, green valleys, volcanoes and hot springs. The whole island is a must see and a great opportunity to create vivid atmospheric images, whatever your art form. In just a week I was able to drive around Iceland, thanks to National Road 1, and experience much of what the island has to offer. The weather was a tolerable 10 – 16 degrees celsius, a bit rainy at times, and the full twenty four hours of daylight meant plenty of time for activity!

Some of these shots will give you a small taste of what to expect if you decide Iceland is the place for you.


At the edge of the Vatnajokull glacier in southern Iceland, where you can watch ice that has broken away from the glacier and floated down into a lagoon. Stunning to see.

The Hverir geothermal area near Myvatn is a great display of natural, hot sulphur springs that bubble up mud and hot water at 80 – 100 degrees celsius.


Very colourful and remarkably aromatic. Well, aromatic would be one way to describe it!

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