Discovering Morland Place

The Bell Tower in the barn at Morland Place in Ontario
The Bell Tower

So now I’ve discovered Morland Place! I can’t remember how many times I’ve caught sight of this curious-looking wood building with a bell-tower, set back from the road. Driving along Grey County Road 18 near Owen Sound, I finally managed to investigate it when I decided to make a stop at Inglis Falls, which is almost next door.

The overgrown greenhouse at Morland Place in Ontario
The greenhouse, plants and statues bursting from the inside

I reached Morland Place through an unobtrusive driveway off the main road. I came up to a fascinating collection of buildings and gardens that looked like something from a film set. The original stone house was built around 1920 as the home of the McCallum family. It was eventually bought by the More family in 1945 and they remain the owners now. Over time, numerous buildings have been added including the elaborate , gothic-looking extension to the house, built in 1870’s Georgian Regency style, complete with another bell-tower, or two.

The original stone house at Morland Place in Ontario
The original stone house
The Georgian Regency-style extension to the house at Morland Place in Ontario
The Regency-style house extension added in the 1980’s, complete with plants creeping up the pillars and posts
Some of the statues in the gardens at Morland Place in Ontario
Some of the many statues that adorn the gardens

Although the house was closed to visitors when I went, the elaborate and extensive gardens were open and were great to wander around in. All sorts of hedges, plants, gardens and tons of pots and statues everywhere. There is also a maze, though I didn’t get to that. I did wander around the ornate barn-like buildings and along the cornfields at the back, though. It was a beautiful autumn day with brilliant sunshine, and bright colours that highlighted the quirky nature of this place.

A large ornate barn by the corn fields at Morland Place in Ontario
Back to the barns by the cornfields

I’ll be going back for another visit, to do a bit more exploring. It’s well worth the trip!