Toronto Life

Composite image of Toronto life
Toronto Life. So much going on.

I’ve noticed how I focus on various themes and locations and how I’ve subconsciously avoided doing much work about Toronto life. I wonder if it’s because it’s too obvious, as I live here, and the fact that I see so many pictures of it. I think though, that you can say that about any place. Realistically, it’s probably because I’ve been trying to work out my own particular angle and interpretation.

As Toronto is a big city you can find examples of all sorts things. Industry, housing, arts, cultures, pretty much anything. As usual, I tend to the more industrial and derelict areas but I like all the vibrance and diversity of so many aspects of it. I’m also a bit preoccupied by the amount of green space and conservation around the city, which I love and am fascinated by. You’ve got to love old, solid, historic buildings being used as the basis of new ventures, and wetlands and nature being nurtured amidst an expanding metropolis. I’ve noticed many of my Toronto life photos focus on the conservation and nature areas that many people might not think of as the landmarks of the city. But they’re there and they’re remarkable. I keep seeing butterfly gardens, often running alongside new condo developments!

Anyway, apart from that focus, I’m also working on some new composites based on Toronto, that bring in many of its different features. The one at the top of this post is the first. I could explain my thinking but I’ll leave it to others to untangle. Look closely and see what you can find.

More of this type of image to come.