Learning about Photography

People learn about many things and in so many different ways. Learning about photography can be just as varied.

Image of cars in a wreckers yard
Cars lined up at a wreckers yard. Reuse and recycle.

I’ve always edged towards more artistic interests, as opposed to sports, sciences etc. Things that engaged me when I was at school and after, tended to be arts subjects – literature, music, history, art, maybe with the odd touch of geography thrown in, and gradually a lot of politics and social issues. After I bought my first camera, many of these things influenced how and what I took pictures of. Sometimes the people around me, but more often, the environment I live in. The old and the new, derelict and rebuilt, bright and dull.

Over time, and with the help of some structured learning through courses and workshops, practice and experience, my photographic skills evolved (I hope..) and my ideas have advanced. I am a stubbornly independent learner, but can still benefit from some group and structured learning.

Photography is a very popular and accessible subject these days, and one most people can indulge in to some extent. The rise of digital cameras, phone cameras etc has allowed for instant images at the drop of a hat. That said, there are courses and workshops for learning about photography to suit all levels of interest and capacity, including how to make best use of your phone camera, introduction to lighting, taking portraits, composition and so on.

A really good place to start, if you’re wanting to learn about making or improving your photographs is The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Photography. This will introduce you to different types of equipment to help you choose a camera you can work with, basic camera features and it’ll give you some great guidance on a range of subjects and composition. Take a look! You can find it at https://hobbyhelp.com/photography/