Life in the City

Looking up at Old Mill subway station you see a great mix of modern architecture hovering over the ancient Humber River flood plain and supported by excellent examples of indigenous artwork.

I am currently pondering the many joys and advantages of life in the city. It’s not exactly a new subject and certainly bearing in mind the fact that I’ve always lived in cities, but it’s always an interesting one.

With Toronto, I’m constantly impressed by the amount of green space, trees and conservation areas around the city, and how they can help make it a very livable place. I live an in area where many of the houses were built around 1960 and many of the trees pre-date the buildings so we’re living in a sea of giant, lush trees of various types. In the summer many of the houses are hidden by all this growth and it can feel like we’re in cottage country without needing to move!

Being able to take a break and a walk somewhere like Colonel Sam Smith Park helps maintain sanity when dealing with life in the city.

A mere 10-15 minutes drive can take me down to the lakeshore to Colonel Sam Smith Park to all the wonders of nature and the waterfront, as well as a great view of the downtown city skyline. Then of course, there are so many other places to bask in the glories of nature – High Park, Tommy Thompson Park, Scarborough Bluff, Don Valley, Humber River etc. Too many to name, but plenty to enjoy.

In the midst of all of this, there is the urban development that’s taken place over many years and in many shapes and forms. You can see art deco and neoclassical style buildings back to back, or blended in with more modern, angular structures, often to great effect.

Art and people crowd the beach.

As a backdrop to everyday life, along with all the arts, cultural and occupational variety, it’s really hard to get bored with life in the city.