Popular Photos

I’m always interested to see which images are among my most popular photos at any given time. A number of factors come into play, including theĀ  location (where it was taken and where it’s seen), personal preference as well as the subject matter, composition, colour set, and who knows what else?

This image – Flower of Industry – often attracts attention and engages people time and again, especially when I’m at events. The abstract look gets people curious about what it is and what’s going on. I’m often asked if it’s a composite, if the flower has been superimposed, if the image has been “photoshopped”.

The simple answer to all of those questions is “no”. It’s a photograph of a wonderful metal sculpture of a coneflower, perched on the side of a building at Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto. I have done some colour adjustments to highlight the tones of the flower sculpture, but otherwise it’s a simple photograph of an impressive piece of art work.

I love to visit Evergreen Brickworks, and it’s a popular Toronto attraction. It’s a wonderful place that has blended art, industry, technology, enterprise and conservation. If you haven’t been yet, maybe it’s time to pay a visit!

And if you think you’d like a framed print of this curious image, you can find it in my sales gallery.