Spin is an Abstract Image

I thought I’d post one of my new images that I really like the look of right now – Spin. This is a colourful abstract reflecting the bright lights and action of a fun fair.

I like the rich, vibrant colours, the complementary shapes and lines, and the juxtaposition of fast motion framed by seemingly static and angular pillars of light.

It’s unlikely you’d ever find me on a fairground ride but the whole concept, and observing people’s sheer fear and enjoyment, is fascinating enough by itself.  This image is one of a few I took as I meandered around the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto one evening. The sight, sound and smells can create enough sensory stimulation even without the fear (in my case) of a topsy turvy ride that challenges the staying power of everything I’ve eaten in the past twelve hours!

Spin is the first of a set of pictures highlighting the energetic and entertaining atmosphere of the CNE. I’ve just had the first print of this image framed and made ready for its appearance at the Queen West Art Crawl in Toronto next weekend – September 22nd & 23rd. After that, you might just see it in my sales gallery in the near future, along with some other new images.

Make sure you come back soon!