Basking in the Brilliant Colours of Autumn

It’s hard to think, as we’re in the depths of winter, that it’s only a few months since we were basking in the brilliant colours of autumn!

Image of coastal view  on the Bruce Peninsula
Across the bay

Even though I’m really enjoying brisk refreshing walks and getting out in below zero temperatures, I’ve been looking at some pictures from before the snow. I still have quite a few to process but thought I’d post some for a bit of light entertainment.

Image of golden sunset at Singing Sands
Late afternoon as the sun begins to go down, one Autumn evening. Taken at Singing Sands on the Bruce Peninsula
Image of a beautiful autumn sky
Sun and moon

These were all taken on the Bruce Peninsula, mainly around Tobermory. It’s a lovely area to explore, full of rocks, beaches, forest, trails and waterfalls. The late afternoon light in some of the pictures brings out luscious golden hues, warm and inviting.

Image of water and islands near Tobermory
Water view